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Thursday, 09 November 2017 19:12

This website belongs to Torsten E. Klimmer also know as Omananda, who grew up in East Germany from where he escaped before the Berlin Wall fell. His upcoming book (publication in Dec.2017) Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom begins with his escape and then goes through twenty-eight years of his world travels.

Torsten lived in many countries. He was based more than a decade in San Francisco where he was part of a visual collective that VJ’d most Californian bay-area parties in the first half of the two thousands. He also lived in London, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris and resides currently in Madeira (Portugal).
Omananda spent many winters in Mexico where he created voluntary activist movies that helped an indigenous ethnic group known as the Huicholes, or Wixarika. These ancient medicine people opposed the plans of multinational mining corporations and aimed to protect a sacred mountain (El Chemado) from subterranean mining. This mountain lies in the protected natural zone of Wirikuta. According to the Cosmo vision of the Huicholes, this is the place where the sun was born and they consider it the heart of our planet. The films that were made helped to kick out the billion dollar Canadian mining company from Mexico and ultimately protected this mountain!

Omananda has spent some time with Native American people as well. He sat in teepees with most presidents and chiefs of the Native American Churches (NAC) and also interviewed many of them on video. Omananda understands well that independent media and free speech can change the perspective of the general public about certain basic rights we sometimes have to (non-violently) fight for with the tools we have available today.

In 2002 he published his movie Liquid Crystal Vision that was featured at the United Nations Human Rights Film Festival. This art-documentary has a powerful message that is still as valuable today as it was (far advanced and visionary) when it came out. Watch it here: (

Omananda has helped to establish , and one of his life’s missions is to help the process of mass awaking so that we can live in a more peaceful and harmonious world. He has worked with various organizations around the world over a couple of decades. Work history here:

In the nineties Omananda was in India where he got his name and lived for many years as a wondering mystic. He lived barefoot and naked in the jungle of Goa and has been initiated to Shaivism as a Tantric Yogi. He is also a shaman (and healer). Omananda plays didgeridoo since 1993.

He says that:

Traveling is the biggest teacher for me. I am a world traveler. I spend twelve years as part of my saddhana (spiritual practice) – traveling non-stop. I continued to move for twenty-eight years. Other profound masters are angelical (alien) beings that initiated me into their schools of light beings and taught me. I have been working with sacred medicines in ritual prayer for personal transformation. I have inspired thousands of people to look at themselves in deeper ways. I view life as my teacher, and all I come in contact with are sacred to me. I consider Jiddu Krishnamurti my first guru. He has triggered a profound life change within me. Sri Vast who is one of my teachers initiated me to the living enlightenment. I am initiated to Shaivism by a well-known nagababa of the Juna Akara. I serve the goddess. I chant a mantra to Lord Shiva nearly every day. I am his devotee. I practice Yoga daily and art is my meditation. I am an instrument of divine purpose and an embodiment of Great Spirit. This life's lesson is to learn compassion. I practice Bhakti, play didgeridoo, and shamanic drumming is a huge teacher for me! I love to sing, but silence is the highest truth, so I enjoy living in isolation-retreats in nature and in peace.

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