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This video was created in 2008 - Starring: Musician & Shaman - Herbert Quinteros, who plays the flute. Herbert also created the computer sound of this short film. This curandero conducts unique healing ceremonies in hisPeruvian center in the Amazon called Katari, where people from many Nations experience his amazing voice and the powerful psychedelic jungle brew called Ayahuasca. This video is a simulation of the real deal and it took one week from conceptualization until final effects-path was complete. It was filmed in Mexico on a sweet afternoon. This is as realistic as it gets on video :) the real experience is often life-changing and it can be extremely healing to participants.

Idea & concept, filming, editing, animation & FX, make-up design: Torsten Klimmer

Music & Acting: Herbert Quinteros

Make-up execution: Iselin Bruff, design


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