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Introduction to my new book
Wednesday, 04 May 2016 18:04

Introduction to my new book:



Driven by a burning desire for freedom, I set out to escape oppressive East Germany when I was young before the Berlin Wall fell. I left behind friends and family not knowing at the time that an open secret lies dormant within everyone’s heart that, once uncovered, could lead to liberation.  My psycho-spiritual voyage has taken place over twenty-eight years that were mostly spent traveling on this beautiful planet. Discoveries made in exotic places and otherworldly realities are slowly revealed during this wild and cosmic non-fictional travel adventure story.


This video was created in 2008 - Starring: Musician & Shaman - Herbert Quinteros, who plays the flute. Herbert also created the computer sound of this short film. This curandero conducts unique healing ceremonies in hisPeruvian center in the Amazon called Katari, where people from many Nations experience his amazing voice and the powerful psychedelic jungle brew called Ayahuasca. This video is a simulation of the real deal and it took one week from conceptualization until final effects-path was complete. It was filmed in Mexico on a sweet afternoon. This is as realistic as it gets on video :) the real experience is often life-changing and it can be extremely healing to participants.

Idea & concept, filming, editing, animation & FX, make-up design: Torsten Klimmer

Music & Acting: Herbert Quinteros

Make-up execution: Iselin Bruff, design


Sundance Film from Mexico
Saturday, 19 May 2007 12:58
Sundance Film from Mexico

Recently made public again to watch online (for free as always) ~ This movie was created in 2007. All processes took 3 weeks from conceptualization until final edit was complete. Enjoy this educational piece, which is subtitled with English in Spanish (original language).


Kucinich for President

"Kucinich for President is a video initially made by Omananda and supported by: Phisciences

The story of this video is sort of funny. Torsten E Klimmer aka Omananda filmed Dennis Kucinich when he spoke at the Health and Harmony festival in California during his primary campaign when he was running for President of the United States. Independently and uncoordinated from the spontaneous video-recoding, a musican made a track of Dennis's speech that ended up in our studio in San Francisco. Stock footage was used to create the US Presidential film that was not an official campaign movie, but a film from the underground that supported Dennis and his brilliant campaign. The film was presented at his campaign meetings and eventually re-done with original animation in our studio in San Francisco and this was a long long while ago ... not ahead of it's time at all, just right on time! Where are we today as a species in 2017 when Dennis is already speaking about the basic changes we have to make a species. (*Quality is low to do old technology back then)


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