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Personal half way study report on Dr. David Jubb
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 16:01

Some of you might known that I have done film work with Dr. David Jubb and got interesting transmissions from that. Although, only a very few and not exactly the best parts of those videos were published so far, when I meet David Jubb, I was personally interested in him, because of a life threatening emergency I experienced that would have required surgery, if I would have not meet David in the right time.  This is why I would like like to share my story, of what I have learned from David so far, so that one day in case you experience a similar situation like mine, you do not have to get surgery either.

My first impression of meeting David, was that he is a super freak, which is not hard to tell. But, I also found out that he is a genius, which might be harder to tell, because most geniuses do have borderline personalities that comes natural when looking from the “other” side. By the “other”, I mean where spirits reside, the land of the dead! Often, people become mystics when having an NDE (near death experience), which David did have when he got electrocuted and his heart stopped for 15 minutes. Apparently, this really changed his life. I recommend that before judging anyone or anything, to remember that nobody is perfect, but what we all feel inside our hearts is what gives individual perspective and personal guidance. Everyone knows for themselves and we are all on our own, especially when it comes to healing our bodies. Surely enough, as long as our bodies work, we don’t think much about them, but when they start breaking down, they get our attention fast. Most (young) people don’t think much about their bodies, until it is often too late, or it’s the emergency room. David teaches an approach that is:

Preventative (*cleaning the pipes before they get clogged and cause trouble)
Therapeutic (*curing symptoms, not bandaging them, ridding oneself of the causes of dis-ease, without the use of drugs and implementing change of life-style)

David Jubb’s approach felt very good to me. He prepares what he calls LIFE FOOD and when he served these delicious meals, I felt balanced and not drained, or too energized. This surprised me when I tried his food for the first time, because when I experienced RAW diets before, they often made me feel air headed, with way too high energy, causing me to have to eat cooked food just to calm down for grounding. David’s term of LIFE FOOD defines food which has not been heated above 49 degrees Celsius. Enzymes and vitamins remain still alive, but the big change between LIFE food and RAW food is that LIFE food does not contain ANY disaccharide sugars that apparently bypass the liver and shoot straight into the blood stream, where they cause mayhem, such as: feeding bacterias, clogging red blood cells, creating high glycemic situations, and causing excess insulin to be produced. David of course tells way more detailed what happens as a cause of a diet that does not contain LIFE food - essentially; help fungus's, mold, and yeast to grow real well inside body tissue, plus create calcification everywhere ... stones!

David repeatedly says that diet cannot be a healing therapeutic, meaning even if you change your diet to be more healthy, you still have to address cleaning the main blood filter, which is the liver. He really stresses the fact that doing repeated liver cleanses and not only one, helps the liver regain healthy liver function, which in return cleanses the blood so that it can start to transport toxins from deposits in the body that are everywhere in a person who has been on a modern diet high in starch, full of preservatives and chemicals, an unfavorable calcium phosphate ratio, chemical drugs, and the list is long - of things that are potentially harmful to our bodies.

I have completed two liver-cleanse programs, each lasting fourteen days. I followed the protocol as suggested by Dr. David Jubb in his mind bending and ground breaking book called: Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation. I also tried other types of liver cleanses. Hulda Clarke’s approach for example produced more stones, but it is much more obtrusive and radical and chemical in comparison to David’s gentle natural deep tissue cleansing.

The first emergency liver cleanse I did, was in a situation when stones had occluded my hepatic and pancreatic duct. I experienced an increasing pain and inflammation, first in my upper right abdomen and then in my upper left abdomen. This occurred after eating excessive amounts of animal fat in Tirol, where I hiked with my dad, with whom I had a conversation on our last evening sunset on the Alm. He said to me that I really needed health insurance with words such as these: “ And something will happen to you, my son!” Surely enough, that night, I felt stones release and get stuck inside my body. Because I have studied medicine, I know the anatomy and physiology of the body and the dangers of stone occlusion that can lead in an extreme case to self digestion of the pancreas that has such strong digestive enzymes that it digests meat like coca cola eats through steak. It took about 3 weeks before I could hardly stand up and my organs were very infected. I was in Norway at the time where I had to make a choice. Hospital and operation, or natural liver flush? I was afraid that if I’d flush my liver in this situation and the stones don’t release, it would lead to a life threatening situation that required emergency surgery. I was not sure about this and had no experience with a liver flush. Additionally, on the internet I found all kinds of contradictory information about liver flushing.

Synchronistically, Dr. David Jubb was giving discourses in Olso during this time and I went to see him, because he is THE specialist in the field. When I saw David, he gave me helpful FREE advice. He encouraged me to flush and said that he had seen thousands of people like me and never seen anyone not be able to help him or herself in a situation similar to mine, by doing a flush. I felt encouraged and went for it, but I could not get his supplements in time, only found Epson salts in the local pharmacy. I used Castor oil to treat the inflammation right away. The night I did the flush, I used a combination of Hulda Clarke’s recipe and a coffee enema that I added to the regimen. I had a very intense experience, where I was going through a healing with my father for whom I was holding much anger. I did energy work on myself that entire night. I felt very sick with nausea. Hulda Clarke recommends not doing the flush without prior parasite cleanse, because of parasitic toxic release from the liver, but I had no choice. I needed to flush and wash my organ out of stones. The next day, I felt very similar as to a survivor of a near death experience. A few month before this liver situation, I was in a car accident and experienced an NDE. Similarly, this morning after my first liver flush, I felt reborn. I saw the world with fresh eyes, like the eyes of a newly born child. Colors seemed more vivid and there was a certain clarity. I also filtered what came out of my behind, and I indeed found a plate of stones. Immediately, the next day, I felt better already and my health improved in the course of the next week. The following month I continued doing Castor oil packs to reduce the inflammation. Most pain disappeared almost completely during the next few month, when I started to go on a diet of LIFE food. I did not have much of an option, because eating anything else caused my liver to react immediately with pain. I was still extremely sensitive to any type of food, but strangely enough, LIFE food did not hurt my liver at all. Was it psychosomatic, or was it healing my liver? Feeling such immediate results amazed me. How incredibly well did this work? What is the science behind this? I found out that it was a special field of biology that David and a few others defined and call colloidal biology. It is like quantum physics to biology.

Right before my first flush, I was invited to film at the No-mind Festival in Sweden, but I was physically unable to do so, because my weak physical condition. So, at the next opportunity that presented itself, I offered to drive David to Stockholm, where we could film workshops he was giving there. This spontaneous production happened in a personal attempt of mine to learn more about the man behind LIFE food. I am honest, I was not sure about David at first. His appearance seemed so far off anything “normal” even for me, who wanted to know more about him, but to see where these things he publishes in his books come from, I had to understand for myself and answer many open questions that were circling in my curious mind.

Today, I can safely say that my personal experiences with David have been very inspiring, positive, and humbling. I found that Dr. David Jubb is an honest man and he means real well. The answers I got from him were not pretentious, nor made up. Issues that were complicated were not avoided or pushed away. What David tries to convey, he does not always with as much LOVE as he possibly could, to really get the message across, heart to heart, and heal as many individuals as intended. Perhaps this might be partially so, because David seems to be still holding on to a lot of pain and anger related to his son, who was taken away from him by the US department of child Services. They believed that David was not giving his son enough nutrition and that he was starving him! David was feeding his kid a diet of blended LIFE food, instead of meat, potatoes, cows cheese, milk, and wheat bread. After they took his son away, they injected him with immunizations that caused a myriad of terrible things to happen to his young child. David said they made him into a zombie and that his little son was so weak that he could not even hold his favored fruit in his tiny hands - the Avocado.

Conspicuously enough, David had a television show in New York that was running for ten years, where he spoke publicly about things that did matter, such as 9/11 and what happened in New York, his initiation to the Native American Peyote church, or LIFE food and the pharmaceutical mind-fuck. David was taken more than 100 times to court, for trying to get his child and his business back. His health food shop, catering business, and restaurant that were producing gourmet LIFE food in New York was also shut down. It was attached to his clinic he was running where he treated people with chronic and terminal conditions. David saw many improvements during the 40 years of practice on diagnoses’s such as: cancer, diabetes, heavy allergic reactions, fungal, bacterial, and viral infections, and a lot more symptomatic masked conditions that he contributes to one dis-ease - CALCIUM PHOSPHATE deposits in the body. David has treated many people who came to him, with a natural non-druggist, non surgical approach to healing. But, when they tripled his rent and started beating his lawyer up and closing his bank accounts after they already took his sun into custody and his loyal lawyer recommended him to leave the United States or he might be imprisoned and never come out, David took the advice and left the country. He went back to his home country, Australia. When he tried to enter the United Kingdom as an Australian citizen in 2011, he was refused entry there also. David said to me that ones you become a threat to the system and you are on the black list, you are marked, but he never gave up hope for saving the planet and humanity. David is not alone on that list of people who are a threat to the imperialistic cooperate agenda that chooses profit over living beings, not protecting EARTH, but cooperate interest. Just a few to mention, who were either murdered or imprisoned:

Dr Hamer, Dr Krebs, Dr Gerson, Wilhelm Reich, who have all found cures with natural alternative therapies for so called "incurable" often terminal diseases. They became threats to the pharmaceutical industry, who thrives on a society dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Energy is the biggest money making machine. People who invented Zero point, or free energy devices were either called insane, ignored, or simply terminated. Nicolas Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Bob Becker, are only a few mentioned here, but there is an entire world of awakening people that in the eyes of a corrupt regime are all terrorists!

David Jubb did not surrender to the corrupt system, or prostituted himself, due to fear of death, or the threat of it. He has seen it already and believes that the vision of paradise is no illusion. This is where David and I understand each other. His presentation called: “Life Food for a sustainable future” is very interesting. It demonstrates that the garden of Eden can very well be a reality, within one awakened generation! That is of course after the current banking system has been transformed.

OH, yes, since LIFE food is quite the science and hard to understand at first, the simple healing therapeutic that David researched about and came up with and that he FREELY shares with the world is (summoned up):

#1 LIVER-cleanses = ancient method already used way back in Egypt.
#2: Castor oil packs to treat silent and acute inflammation.
#3: Mineralize the body with Celtic Sea Salt and drink your Urine
#4: Add 3 things to the diet:
-Alkaline element (apple cider vinegar)
Citric Acid = Vitamin
Lactic Acid = (S)-Exersise !!! Kombucha & Sauerkraut

These three elements will create a barrier that prevents pathogens from entering healthy life cycles, therefore they lead to the re-creation of vibrant life colloids that are geometrical toruses - building blocks of ALL life, way below the level of a cell.

LIFE FOOD is a body of a flower that can, or has a cousin in the wild that can, reproduce itself. LIFE FOOD has its life force intact. *Imagine Kirlian photography with light coming from the food = LIFE FORCE! It should be ideally organic, no chemical, no GMO, no processed, but fresh, uncooked fruits, vegetables, and seeds, a diet void of grains, beans, starches, eggs, animal and milk products, or meat. Not too many greens should be part of that diet and virtually NO juices! Spirulina or Chlorella are to be completely avoided, due to the super high unfavorable calcium phosphate ratios that create calcification / stones everywhere in the body. Blue green algae and sea vegetables are wonderful. Avoid disaccharide sugar-food such as: bananas, carrots, beets, pineapple, dates, cashes, which are used a lot in any RAW food dish. People often ask: “So, what am I supposed to eat?” Which brings me back to David and our tip to Stockholm.

If there is such a thing as the perfect life-foodarian, it should be a gibbon in the jungle, because Dr. David Jubb certainly is NOT the best row model for being a life-foodarian, but that does not mean that there are no better row models out there than David. After leaving Oslo on our way to Stockholm, we pulled over by the road, in a fast food place. It was late at night and I had a long way to drive, because our originally attempted departure was pushed back half a day, due to the fact that David when in his element, which is in the LIFE food kitchen, constantly teaches how to prepare delicious LIFE food, like the sour dough buckwheat bread culture he started at the very last moment before we left Dr. Feel Good’s house in Oslo. So, at that fast food joint, to my surprise, David ordered French fries. Human after all, I thought. I, of course had prepared a huge lunch pack full of LIFE food that filled the trunk of the Mercedes, enough to feed all of us, but David and his manager, Eton, really did order deep fried starchy JUNK FOOD! Further down the road, they persuaded me to stop in Karlstad for what might it be? PIZZA or VEGGIE burger? It was veggie burger for David and me, and meat burger for Eton, all with French fries and those buns that tasted just like card board. I tested David to have a beer with me and he was stoked. Test failed! Before and during the breaks of the workshops, David loved his expressos, with milk and sugar! I am no-one to judge. I was just observing, but I got what I wanted, a real good understanding of the LIFE food guru.
David always said; don’t try to rid yourself of all your toxic input. Be realistic. Try to be ok with some toxins. Some people like coffee, some cigarettes, some like pot, and others, who knows what? David likes it all, but what I liked about David is that he is not pretentious. He does not say that he does not do these things. He smokes openly and sipps coffee in front of everyone and he does not try to be anything other but himself.

The pharmacy of natural supplements that are non-chemical food sources he developed, is impressive. I tried some of these supplements in exchange for film-work and I have felt like a new man since. Do I look younger than before. I don’t think so. Does my mind work better after trying LIFE food with URINE therapy in combination? Definitely! Does David look young for his age? I think so, although his age is a question he does evade, but we all know he’s well over sixty!

Now, that I have tried being on LIFE food for a while, I lost weight when I am already thin. For someone who does need to loose a few pounds, go on LIFE food! For someone who wants to enjoy life and not feel super bad or toxic about it, take it easy. After doing some of these liver cleanses with enemas and parasite cleanses, your body is bound to be healthier than before. Today, for example, we will have a delicious life-food soup for lunch. It will prepare our bodies for the non LIFE food meals that we will most likely eat later in the week. Food, of course is only one element to healing, but an important one. You are what you eat, but not only that. You are also how you breathe! I have observed from those who age gracefully that their nature is positive and they are in good spirits, because they know to follow the joy in their hearts. People do heal through laughter when they do things that make them happy. When we are guided by intuition and LOVE, we naturally find the things that bring healing to our souls.  I wish David well, knowing that we all evolve together as ONE and I wish the best for his “Welcome back to America tour” that will begin in February 2012.

I also do wish the readers of this personal half way study report on Dr. David Jubb by: Omananda, good luck in finding their method to avoid the painful path of long suffering on the arduous road of trial and error, to regain optimal heath and happiness of their bio-terrain. Food / Drugs / Medicine & HEALING ... are a precarious team, especially when they are manufactured and mass-marketed in non-sustainable immoral way. David’s 40 year developed healing protocol is a good method and a great option, an antidote for anyone who is opposed to giving their individual healing power away to people in white robes, who work for an “establishment” with high statistics of failed medical experiments.

Find lots of info in Dr. David Jubb and LIFE food here:

To be continued ...


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