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Film Productions
Liquid Crystal Vision

There will be a screening of Liquid Crystal Vision in Boom Festival 2016

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0003 MF-TV Visionary Future-Perspective

0003 MF-TV Visionary Future-Perspective from omananda on Vimeo.

Tamatsima-Wa-Haa pelicula

Tamatsima-Wa-Haa is the name of a group of individuals who are passionate about saving Wirikuta that is the holy land where the peyote grows that the Huicholes, who are are native people of Mexico use duirng their ceremonies since time immemorial. Making this film was an honor and it took several years to put together. It was the second Spanish film made by Omananda, in co-production with Nierika. The film takes the audience to the UN in New York, where the chiefs of the Huicholes make their plea about saving their incredible culture and this land that is even declared holy land by the authorities in Mexico who are unfortunately very corrput.


This is the Solaris movie ... (without final sound mastering)

"Templayed"-Healing through temple visuals

This Ambient DVD features VJ-mixes & music videos by: VJ Arcane, VJ Psyberpixie, Tantric Demon, Omananda, Phisonica to a soundtrack by Electric Skychurch, Scott Huckabay, Infected Mushroom, David Battenfield, and Phisonica. Find cover-ART, pdf's & Wholesale-prices here. If you like what you see, tell your friends and family.

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Kucinich for President

"Kucinich for President is a video made by Omananda

The story of this video is sort of funny. Omananda filmed Dennis Kucinich when he spoke at the Health and Harmony festival in California during his primary campaign when he was running for President of the United States. Independently and uncoordinated from the spontaneous video-recoding, a musician made a track of Dennis's speech that ended up in our studio in San Francisco.

Stock footage was used to create the US Presidential film that was not an official campaign movie, but a film from the underground that supported Dennis and his campaign. The film was presented at his campaign meetings and eventually re-done with original animation in our studio in San Francisco.

Dennis already spoke about the basic changes we have to make on earth and in the US (back then). The quality of this uploaded file is low due to old technology back then.Enjoy watching and leave a comment on Youtube if you like it. Share ...


So Jah Says

DVD-creation of a 3 hour biographical film on the musician and change agent: Jah Levi.

CD/DVD COMBO: Featuring The legendary drummer Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, drummer for Burning Spear, Dennis Brown and Ijahman Levi, and star of the movie "ROCKERS".The 9 song album contains special appearences by Prezident Brown, Rocker-T, Abba Yahudah and The Mandolin Wizzard himself, David "Dawg" Grisman on Mandolin. This is by far Jah Levi's greatest musical achievement to date.

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