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Kucinich for President

"Kucinich for President is a video made by Omananda

The story of this video is sort of funny. Omananda filmed Dennis Kucinich when he spoke at the Health and Harmony festival in California during his primary campaign when he was running for President of the United States. Independently and uncoordinated from the spontaneous video-recoding, a musician made a track of Dennis's speech that ended up in our studio in San Francisco.

Stock footage was used to create the US Presidential film that was not an official campaign movie, but a film from the underground that supported Dennis and his campaign. The film was presented at his campaign meetings and eventually re-done with original animation in our studio in San Francisco.

Dennis already spoke about the basic changes we have to make on earth and in the US (back then). The quality of this uploaded file is low due to old technology back then.Enjoy watching and leave a comment on Youtube if you like it. Share ...


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