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Neon Pink Mangas emerge from pyramids into "The Mirror"
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 07:35


From within the geometrical pattern of the Merkaba, the alchemical symbols of the natural elements arise, such as; air, water, fire, and earth. The mystical meaning of the visual center piece [The Merkaba = Star of David] is revealed in a video projection that is part of a Sacred Dance Ritual Performance called: "The Mirror", which has been created by Iselin Bruff and Omananda.


This theatrical performance is a messenger of something greater to come that is affecting our home planet - EARTH - in the near future.

Two Neon Pink Mangas come to our planet from another solar system to guide people and teach them through Yoga, Dance, and Meditation, how to live in better harmony with themselves and their surroundings. The "Mangas" show that through "The Mirror", all energies that are sent out, reflect back to ourself.

This ceremonial prayer ritual alights the cardinal directions; East, West, South, North, Above & Below with the elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Ether. It is doing this by moving the dancer's focus and intentions towards the respective directions on the physical plane while projected visuals outline the referenced alchemical symbols of their respective elements between the dancers on a lycra video projection canvas.

When Ether finally unites the 4 physical elements & directions, the alchemical symbols form two opposed Merkabas [the star of david] that is a geometrical figure, originating from a mathematical pattern [THE FLOWER OF LIFE] that symbolizes the unity of ALL things.

Both Merkabas merge into one Merkaba [ether / above & below], before they spin away through opposed rotations, disappearing into a star of a gaseous universal cloud, from where an acoustic and visual OM emerges.

The Om is not only the symbol of Hinduism, but it also refers to the primal sound of the universe that Western Science calls the big bang. From OM all creation emerges.

The mirrored dance of the dancers incorporates many Yoga forms. Yoga is a universal science that explores consciousness. This useful guiding system of methods [YOGA] can help one understand the true essence of where the self originates. Both performers are mirroring one another and they are also mirrored on the projection screen. Everything has to happen in total sync!

"Mirror" is a metaphor of the inner and the outer - being in direct reflection. Inner and outer is dream and reality. When in perfect harmony, an immaculate reflection perceives truth as it is. We can become the shining light within - thus the meaning of the word; "enlightenment".

When the dancers lift up the mirror ball in the end of the 13 minutes dance performance, the many broken pieces of the round sphere symbolize the jeweled net of Indra that is the web of creation in which we all play an equal part.

Great spirit unites us all, and when we realize this unity, we will know [by heart] that we are puzzle pieces of a greater self that exists within everyone - that pervades everything.

The 13 minutes of the show is the number of change and evolution. The six pointed stars twice = 12. 13 is the evolution of twelve, the opening of chakra number 7, a portal for light to enter our bodies. There are 13 moons in one solar year. Each moon takes 28 days to complete its cycle, the same time of a woman's monthly renewal. The feminine aspect of creation is mother energy (the moon).

Having experienced this performance is nothin less but cosmic! We released it on May 23rd 2009 - on new moon.

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