How it came to be …

One day I woke up and suddenly realized I was reborn!

& Then … it dawned upon me

That I am ONE with everything and totally FREE to be anything


Torsten E. Klimmer aka Omananda has been traveling the world with a camera since 1991. He has worked as a multimedia artist, producer, author, director, and he specializes in Travel & Events Photography, Fine Art Photography, Macro & Nature Photography and his Stock Photography can be found on Shutterstock and other sites. His images have been published in books and exhibited in galleries.

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This picture of the Taj Mahal was taken with a 35mm photo camera two weeks after the day of one of my rebirth’s in Agra on the first day I could walk again after I had met the grim reaper during Typhoid fever. I am sharing this mystical story and others in my upcoming book in which I also speak about my escape from East Germany, where I was originally born. You can follow me on Twitter and add yourself to my mailing list to know how to read this fascinating story and view photographs in exhibitions and if you like also purchase them.


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