This photo was taken on a very hot day in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, where I met some special people who took me around and showed me some unique Buddhist temples. The stupa in the background is one of the most powerful ones in all of Sri Lanka and the images looks like a rocket taking off with the open shutter reflection on the lake. It was a 30 seconds exposure after I took a cooling bath in the excruciating heat.

I am a medium in between worlds eternally present NOW capturing the sacred and naked moment totally free of time and space expressing the ONE amongst the many …Omananda

Sacred Goddess Receiving Divine Nectar

Fine Art Photoshoot

This photo from was taken during an outdoor Fine Art Photoshoot in Norway with an exceptional model from Ecuador. It is part of a series I am preparing for a themed exhibition. To receive news on when and where the exhibit will take place, add yourself to our mailing list.